Sunflower grain for our health

Key nutrients, increases the level of serotonin and increased activity of nerves in a natural way. The concept “We are what we eat”, turns out that even our nerves depend on ingested food. Sunflower grain contains not only a large number of nutrients generally make use of the nervous system, but, above all, the key nutrients that have a direct impact on the relief of depression (and for the prevention of its occurrence).

The high magnesium content in sunflower

balances the level of calcium in the body and thereby facilitates, for the regulation of nervous activity. The amino acid tryptophan in stimulates the production of serotonin in the body and thereby improves our mood. Neurotransmitters-substances nerve impulses between nerve cells in the brain. Play an absolutely fundamental role in creating our mood and overall sense of well being. Serotonin is one of the main in our body. At the time of its release, there is a loss of feelings of stress and brings a sense of calm and satisfaction. Some synthetic drugs used in the treatment of depression artificially creates a higher level of serotonin in the body. Increase serotonin levels, however, this can be achieved by consumption bones – and furthermore, without any side effects.

Carbohydrates provide tryptophanu the necessary assistance to overcome barriers to get there, where to work wonders. Sunflower grain contains a perfect blend tryptophanu and is, therefore, an ideal functional food to fight depression. Dark poultry meat contains a large amount of tryptophanu, but we need to get the carbs to effective effect. Increased serotonin levels is the reason why Turkey with mashed potatoes on thanksgiving brings a calming sense of peace and well-being and easily sleep without leaving the sofa. Sunflower seeds are a great vegetarian alternative for this.

Vitamin B6 is also necessary for the metabolic processes, reduce the risk of depression. In the normal diet may not always be sufficient, and in addition, if very low officially recommended daily dose of two milligrams. (Including sources, for example, States that women receiving hormonal contraceptives should daily take 10 mg of vitamin B6). In any case, the sunflower seed is a source of vitamin B6, and thus, increases the protective effect of sunflower oil seeds against depression

People seeds benefits for a long time

Sunflowers are one of the first plants grown in the USA. Used for the past five thousand years as a source of food and raw materials for the production of oil. Parts of plants, such as roots or stems are used for different purposes, for example, a source of natural pigment dye, but the hereditary sunflower petals to humans are considered poisonous.

favorable to Health effects bones wide

Some people believe that the seeds are food for birds. Birds often give work, play with and find the seeds. Birds are smart enough in finding the best products. Seeds are the source of all the essential nutrients required for the human body, except vitamin D is very rich in vitamin E, the major fat soluble antioxidant of the human body. Vitamin E caused by the human body looking for free radicals to decommissioning. Thus, helps protect the molecules containing fat from damage and premature aging. Vitamin E protects our body from inflammation, an effective fighter against arthritis, cancer, and diabetes.

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