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How to remove toxins?

The best investment in life is health

The best investment in life is healthEXCESSIVE pleasure in food and drink takes a toll, not only that we nalazili some pounds, but we feel trauma and without energy. In order to clean of fat, sugar, carbohydrates and excess food we previous days consumed, you must complete detox after the holidays. Detoxication we will increase concentration, improve absorption of nutrients and protect the body from many diseases.

This is a great way if you

This is a great way if youwant to lose weight, reduce cellulite, Bush skin from the inside and thus prevent acne. The skin will thank you, radiant, healthy glow and no signs of fatigue. Detoxification is very useful code, skin diseases, because cleaning the intestines and liver cleanse, and skin. Preporucuje individuals who have dermatitis, psoriasis, viral and fungal infections. For the health of the heart and blood vessels cleansing of the body brings relief, because throw away fat, excess fluids and toxins, and improves circulation.

Nutritional supplements as support the detoxification of the body:

  • Herbal teas such as nettle, green tea and dandelion are excellent for the allocation of excess fluid and stimulation of the liver and kidneys. Medicinal plants you can find in the form of tea, tincture or just look for standardized extracts in capsules.
  • Strong detox cleansers body, of course, and green algae, like spirulina. It is desirable to include probiotics, because they will help to restore the intestinal microflora and, especially if you have a fungal disease.
  • Detox diet today more and more popular. Almost any women’s magazine or a barbershop, you’ll hear his. However, be aware that if National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases you are incompetent can be very dangerous. They can lead to preteenscom deficiency, dehydration, fatigue, slow metabolism. It does not teach man how to feed.
  • They are good, if skillfully indicou individually after clinical examination and detailed, taken to laboratory and other results in order to be understanding in the condition of the vital organs, given that this releases large amounts of harmful substances.
  • They are good, as one, the introduction, or as a “springboard” to start with establishing healthy eating habits, which should exercise permanent and long lasting. When we talk about detoxification, but most importantly to take care of what we consume in your body.

How to remove toxins?

How to remove toxins?

Worst-case scenario is gladem because we have to shock the body. Much better that we eat moderately and with caution, so let your menu to find a smoothie made of bananas, apples and spinach for Breakfast, for lunch, chef potage soup with carrots and lemon and a piece of chicken for dinner and enjoy fresh krastavets, green salati and grilovani pastrmka.

During the day drink as much water as possible, but if you’re hungry, greckoe fresh carrots. And to find some interesting activity in which you will enjoy and, thus, distract from thoughts of food. How to remove toxins?The most important is adequate hydration of the body. There first thoughts on the quality of drinking water it is desirable negazione slightly alkaline at least 1, 5 liters per day, which will regulate all prisutni problem sekishev of the body World Health Organization.

The importance of dietary fiber, both soluble and insoluble from fruits, vegetables and cereals is of great importance as a nutritionally balanced food, which is determined according to the age, physiological condition, condition, nutritional status and other parameters.

Consumption of unsaturated fats

Consumption of unsaturated fatsof omega 3 can be very useful, as the consumption of drugs based on medicinal plants which are rich in fiber that will cleanse and psoriasis the intestine, and act as antioxidants and fight free radicals, which are the most common cause of damage all cells, especially cells of the mucosa of the colon. It should be mentioned that ficca activity may correct peristaltiku, especially it should be emphasized, yogic exercises and some asanas specifically designed to perform detoxification and can apply them almost.

The person feels more energy the metabolism is accelerated:

  • peristaltika becomes more vivid, Ostrow to be the toxins starts in the normal rhythm of bowel movement, reduces swelling, fatigue, improves its appearance and texture skin helps alloe local fat deposits, where they are most depoi toxins. Although aesthetic changes are first noticeable, should not be neglected, which reduces the risk of heart disease, regulates cholesterol levels, increases
  • HDL dobrar, reduces bad, lowers blood pressure and the risk of developing diabetes disease type 2. Thus civilizacije diseases are kept under Proper diet, intake of topoeva diets that for each unique and wеллнес treatments, individually, koncipiran whereas, the indications and contra-indications for Toirano physical activity, individual starosna age provides a balance of mind, spirit and body and slow down aging.

Massage, relaxation, aromatherapy is of great importance. Lymphatic drainage to be dstrow a toxins, reduces the volume, the person feels good,  NIH because her appearance has improved, aromatherapy relaxes, reduces stress, and, on the other hand, helps to breathe deeper and therefore increase the burning of nutrients and converting them into energy. Because of this, they wеллнес program more and more popular.